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True Confessions of a Graphic Recorder : I'm pretty bad at drawing people

I have a confession. As a graphic recorder and illustrator, it probably wouldn't be wise to admit this, but hey, we're among friends here right. I struggle with drawing people. I am more naturally drawn to drawing things. And so this year, I really challenged myself to draw people as much as possible and try out different styles to boot. From abstract to caricatures. In fact, here's a fun little whiteboard video of me drawing people inspired by Ed Emberley's work.

It doesn't feel good to suck at something but it does feel good to learn. I feel that as long as I am pushing myself to learn something new, something different, something challenging, the satisfaction outshines the shame.

And so I sketch, and sketch and sketch. Good, bad-it doesn't matter. Here are some drawings I found in one of my sketchbooks.

And then at some point in the journey, things because a little easier. A little better and a whole lot more, "That wasn't sooo bad". Below is a challenge I took on to commit to drawing people during the 30 Days of Genius Series at CreativeLive. It's not so bad, right.

At the end of the day, I think it is always better to strive for progress than for perfection.

Visual Scribe_30 Days of Genius Summary. Not so bad, right?

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